Disaster Mitigation & Response

At Brenits Realty Management, we understand the importance of timely and efficient emergency response & mitigation in order to get your property operating with minimal disruption to tenants and the bottom line.

At Brenits Realty Management we are familiar with emergency incident response. From broken water pipes to structure fires, we have developed steps to ensure your asset is back in business as quickly as possible.
What makes our approach work:

  • Immediate Response to all your emergencies. The first several hours of a “business impacting” situation are the most important. We respond immediately in order to coordinate with emergency services, contractors, and employees to ensure the incident is mitigated and contained to the smallest area possible.
  • Pre-Established Contractors. Through our years of experience we have developed relationships with many different services and contractors. From emergency board up crews to secure your properties to our preferred security vendor, we ensure your property gets the attention and services needed.
  • Ongoing Management of Progress. We continually monitor and oversee all aspects of returning your asset back to operational status. We ensure all contractors follow schedules, deal with issued that arise quickly and efficiently.

We’d love to discuss with you further to show why Brenits Realty Management is the best choice for your overall management solutions.

Brenits Realty Management has proven Crisis Response and Business Continuity during minor and major incidents at some of our clients. We understand the importance of minimizing all incidents that occur at your property and we share the common goal of getting your property open and operational as soon as possible. Because of this, Brenits Realty Management has formed a strategic alliance with Stryker Protection, LLC, a premier contractual security and safety firm, that can provide first responder/emergency incident personnel.


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