Brenits Realty Management

Proven reliability, reduced overhead, professionally managed. We center on you!

At Brenits Realty Management we understand the importance of being highly responsive to all stakeholders in the property (owner, tenant, contractors and third party professionals) and facilitating open communication among all parties. We accomplish this by practicing hands-on management on every aspect of operations at the site. We maintain far higher profit margins and occupancy rates than owners can maintain on their own and we help them reduce overhead and simplify their business. Brenits Realty Management assets are impeccably run, rent collections are always achieved, tenant-relations are consistently positive and lease compliance is firmly maintained.

We believe that our management skill set allows you to concentrate on what’s most important to you – your business.

Brenits Realty Management, LLC adheres to best industry practices while also operating under the following tenets:

  • Be equally focused on the creation and retention of value, including generating positive cash flow for our clients by maximizing gross rental income, aggressively bidding operating expenses and assessing tenancy to reposition the property to align with market conditions
  • Build and maintain strong, positive relationships with all stakeholders (owners, contractors, suppliers, tenants) by providing accurate and prompt responsiveness to all inquiries
  • Maintain the highest levels of integrity and honesty as expected in any professional services environment
Donald A. Brenits - Principal

In the course of his 30-year career in the real estate industry, Don has amassed a wealth of property management, project management, accounting, valuation and leasing experience. Read More


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